What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

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I saw this in the Astrology tribe and brought it over here. I know we've done this before, but let's do it again! lol

I hate to box this issue, because there's so much more in a chart.

I have had experience with the following:

Fellow Virgos- 4 Ugh! I don't know what it is about this one, but I keep coming back. Much to my calamity. Bittersweet.

Aquarius- 2 Not one of my favorites, I don't like being "picked apart".

Scorpio- 2 My ABSOLUTE favorite! My past relationships with Scorps didn't last very long, but oh, the experience will live in my heart always! *swoon*

Taurus- 2 Friendly, easy-going, but kind of boring...

Aries- 2 Fun, didn't last long, but fun. Definitely physical.

Pisces- 1 I liked this match. Easy flowing, soft, good communication. We had the whole "team and partnership" thing going on. It was nice. Too bad he was an alcoholic... ;-)He was a Sag rising though, might make a difference?
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    Wed, February 1, 2006 - 10:38 AM
    hey kaylie! i'm always interested in reading/posting about this topic. :)

    leo - oh dear! watch out! this relationship did have its positive points, however, it also had a great deal of petty drama, teasing, belittling, (alcoholism, but that doesn't have to do with the chart), hot and cold moments and very high then very low points. in a word - unbalanced.

    scorpio - *smiles* i'm not one to get in touch with my emotions on a regular basis, but my scorpio gave me the space to feel them, act upon them and talk about them without ever judging me. very soulful connection here, almost unexplainable and oh so passionate. my venus is in scorpio, so, i think that helped. also, my moon is in sag and their venus is in sag, which worked too.

    i've never been with another virgo...don't know if i would be able to handle that!! taking care of myself is just enough! the ex-leo i mentioned above had a lot of virgo in their chart, more than me even.

    peace. :)
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      Wed, February 1, 2006 - 12:26 PM
      Interesting topic.

      Gemini...a lot of sources say run, but I have had a wonderful long term and going strong relationship with my Gemini. It helps that I can keep track of both sides of her personality I suppose.

      Scorpio...At this point I would flee in horror. Can I reserve an option to change that point of view the next time I meet a sexy scorpio? To me I think they are dangerous, yet undeniably desirable.

      Never got together with another Virgo, but I'd love to check that out someday.
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        Wed, February 1, 2006 - 9:18 PM
        <i>It helps that I can keep track of both sides of her personality I suppose. </i>

        Ahhh, so that's the secret. I with a Gemini and I never thought I would get this far along with her personality, I forgot that there were two!
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          Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

          Thu, February 2, 2006 - 7:26 AM
          I'm Gemini rising, I have tons of gemini friends, but I've never dated one. Is it a little frustrating?
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            Fri, February 3, 2006 - 12:00 PM
            i find i end up being attracted to scorps and bulls followed virgos but those end up as good friends and alot of my friends tend to be virgos or leos? just how it is i guess

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              Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

              Sat, February 4, 2006 - 8:33 AM
              SCORPIO.....ha! AND the relationships were none to successful, but big, colorful and intense. Would do it again, and I am sure I will! A Taurus definitely draws me in too.
              xxx, Jody
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                Sat, February 4, 2006 - 9:39 AM
                SAGS, all the way! I am always drawn to Sag men...they're a great balance for us...actually, we balance them...but it's a great match. I'm also drawn to Leo....but I know I have strong Leo in my chart, so that helps. I have to say, though, a big NO for Virgo men with me....we're all great, but the virgo & virgo match is crazy insane...of course I'm always open to be proved wrong....but in my experience...well, I'm a Sag girl all the way.

                Of course then you have to try and figure out what animal & element you how does a Virgo Water Rat with equal Earth tendencies find her mate...??? One at a! Peace!
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                  Thu, February 9, 2006 - 1:00 PM
                  For me it's Aries, just love that heat and, intensity. The worst was Leo. The Aquarius was unusual but, might consider it again. But, for the record, Aries is my 12th house, the Aquarius was conjunct my moon, and Chirion, and the Leo is conjunct my Uranus, and opposing the moon. So in its own way it all makes some kind of sense.
                  I am a Fire Rooster Virgo, and am presently dating a Capricorn Fire Snake. It is interesting.
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                    Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

                    Thu, February 9, 2006 - 2:08 PM
                    I like everybody.

                    It probably has something to do with my libra rising and aquarius moon and the fact that my entire chart is the most complex chart I've ever seen with signs all round the full spectrum!

                    Or maybe I am simply in lovve with the big universaL mirror of life. so many mysteries....
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                      Thu, February 9, 2006 - 2:12 PM
                      Oh...but I'm usually not attracted to people who are extremely fire like. I love love love love FIRE....but I also sometimes feel that when I'm really grounded, really fire-people tend to feed off my energy. I'm sure this is a reflection of something in me, but I generally tend to steer clear and love the extremely fire-like beings from distances...and of course, in small and short and sweet encounters.

                      I'm just so down with EARTH..

                      ....and feel that perhaps my virgo sun has alot to do with this awesome feeling.
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    Thu, February 9, 2006 - 2:36 PM
    I always fall HARD and FAST for other Virgo's- I still am totally gone on the Virgo men that I know. Virgo women tend to be good friends- but I am not as generally attracted to them as I am Sag or Gemini women. Generally sexually compatible, other Virgo's tend to understand me in ways that are really nice. It tends to be unrequited though. Or maybe it isn't- but both sides are being "virgo" about the whole thing- hmmm...

    Libra- I have rarely met a Libra that I have liked- much less wanted to date.

    Scorpio- I think that Scorpio's often scare me, both men and women, with their powerhouse of emotional outpourings. My relationships with Scorpio's tend to burn hot and heavy- I can't stay away though. I need my "fix" on a regular basis.

    Sag- I have long unrequited crushes on Sags. I think I have only actually dated one sag male, and he was actually a sag/cap cusp. Most of my female friends are Sags or Gemini.

    Cap- I love cap men. love love love love. From a distance that is. I tend to find that "relationship" is too far down their list of priorities- and I like to be in someone's top- oh I don't know- *10* list?

    Aquarius- I don't get a long with aquarius- I don't like being picked apart and belittled on a daily basis.

    Pisces-My mother is a Pisces- i have only dated one pisces, and it was drama filled and smothering.

    Aries- great sex- highly physical, but at the same time, i don't think I have met, much less dated, an Aries who wasn't neurotic.

    Taurus- I like taurus, but they are not really fun to date- slow- steady- and boring

    Gemini women totally kick ass, and are some of my best fiends. Gemini men - oh gemini men. My dad is gemini, my brother is gemini, my ex-husband is gemini/torus cusp, my ex-fiance is gemini. Drama and angst are the words that come to mind when I think of gemini men. I won't date another one simply on principle. I don't care how sweet and nice they are- the twin is lurking somewhere behind with a hatchet.

    Cancer- I have dated a few cancer- and they don't really stand out in my mind as being anything special. huh- I will have to ponder this one.

    Leo- I love leo- I always am on the verge of wanting to slap sense into them, and knock them of their pedestal- but I love them none the less.
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      Thu, February 9, 2006 - 5:28 PM
      A shocking number of the people I've met and with whom I became romantically invovled turned out to be Cancers. It seems, however, that *something* got in the way each time and it never worked out in the end. Scorpio has always had an almost electric attraction for me, but then my Moon is in Scorpio and I resonate with their emotional energies. Currently, I am dating a Taurus; he is slow and steady, yes, but I would certainly not describe him as boring!
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      Sun, February 19, 2006 - 3:53 AM
      I'm still learning a bit about what my supposed best match is. My biggest relationships have been with Aries (functional and easy-going, not extremely deep), Cancer (nice, but with a wall we couldn't get over), and Scorpio (wow, learned a lot). I think my chart is a bit odd because I'm Virgo, but Scorpio rising (I think) and Libra moon. (9/3/70, 1:20 pm rochester NY - one online chart service said I was scorpio rising, but another one said something different, and I never did figure it out for sure.) Anyway, I think this makes me a lot more emotional-expression tolerant than a lot of virgos but I'm not sure. :)

      Virgo - I tend to find virgo women very physically attractive in a classy way, but so far haven't been romantic with any. I think I worry it would get too mental, but... if the sex is as good as is rumored, maybe that's wrong and maybe it'd be worth it. :)

      Libra - I don't know. I honestly haven't met any Libra women I've been physically attracted to.

      Scorpio - For a while I thought Scorpio was my best long-term match, but I feel like I got burned by my long-term Scorpio so maybe it was just a matter of time. The passion is very emotion-based, which I liked, but wow, they'll certainly give the virgo analytical skills a workout (and maybe overwork that analytical muscle).

      Sag - frustrating. It's like you're never active enough for them.

      Cap - I don't know what it is, I don't think I've ever even *met* a Capricorn woman beyond a friend-of-friend level. I know nothing about them other than someone saying they like to have their opinions listened to. That's fine by me.

      Aquarius - oh, ugh. Had bad experiences with these. Been intensely attracted for the first week, and then everything goes bonkers. Squirrely, flightly, flakey women in each of the cases I've dealt with them.

      Pisces - I've met some Pisces friends - I like the peacefulness, and I hear the sex is intriguing, but I don't know if there'd be enough about it that I'd find fascinating beyond that.

      Aries - for some reason I've found it easy to get along with Aries (probably from a lifetime of coping mechanisms from dealing with Aries father), but while the relationship is fun, it's kind of automatic and doesn't seem to have a lot of depth.

      Taurus - supposedly my best match, but I've noticed an annoying thing with the Tauruses I've known so far, where they float an opinion out there before they even know they're feeling it, and it just strikes me as passive aggressive (and then they get mad at me for "reading into them", overlooking the part about me being right).

      Gemini women - they just seem kinda hard-edged to me.

      Cancer - I'm honestly most intrigued about cancer women. Maybe there's something about my chart that makes me really love cancer. I like still-waters-run-deep. I don't know. I just tend to fall hard here and get all idealistic, which I kinda like.

      Leo - Contentious relationships here - areas that work really well, but some landmines too. Don't critique them unless they ask outright! You'll just hurt their feelings, and then they try and hit back in a way that is graceless, cheap, and not very competent. ha ha.
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    Thu, February 9, 2006 - 9:11 PM
    I like this topic, Kaylie! I just have to say before I play along with the sun sign game, that regardless of the sun sign, I've found that a lot of the people I've been attracted to as lovers and partners have moon in leo (some men, mostly women), sagittarius in mars (men), and an air rising or moon sign if they're not already a sun air sign. I happen to be Gemini rising with Mars in Gemini, so see the opposite attract thing with Mars in Sag - a disproportionate number of my more intense attractions and sexual interactions in both short flings and long term relationships have been with men with Mars in Sag. Wow!

    Aries - One of my longest relationships. Great sexual chemistry and kept me on my toes intellectually and physically - I've never done as much outdoor sports since. I loved that he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind and fight for what he wanted and wasn't phased my my bluntness or competitive streak. I'm too intimidated by Aries women to go beyond friendship.

    Taurus - I love the women as friends and lovers. They're so sensual, ballsy, and outgoing. The men I've tried dating are more cuddly than sexual, sort of conservative in their life view, and eventually bore me if we don't mutually piss each other off, which might be the only "passion" I've found there.

    Gemini - I have several really great Gemini friends, mostly women, in my life, but I don't ever remember dating any Geminis let alone ever being interested. It's all about mental comradery and running errands together or walking to our favorite little cafe together while we talk.

    Cancer - I have had several great female friends. The only Cancer I've been involved with romantically was in a summer-long fling while temporarily living in another city. An amazing lover, highly communicative, and a great friend, but I'm glad it was temporary. I have a prejudice about Cancers being overly moody and possessive, though I admire they're ability to passonately go after what they want, including a steady partner and a stable home.

    Leo - Mixed feelings here. I definitely have an attraction to Leo men, but they tend to be of the kind that it suprises me to find out they're Leo. Leo women are hot, but I tread carefully, as the only psycho I've ever dated was a Leo woman.

    Virgo - Oh my god, I like other Virgos! Even Virgos I'm not attracted to can get me all weak in the knees with a hug goodbye or one of those naughty looks across the room. Of the Virgos I've met that are comfortable with their sexuality, there seem to be two types: open, direct and oozing a self contained sensuality that makes you pay attention or unassuming and oh-so innocent seeming until you find out they run a porn company, set up a legal support network for fellow sex workers, or just got back from a weekend trip in which the orgy went down in their hotel room. Yeah.

    Libra - Charmers, those Libra men. I'm smitten. I like stronger, ballsier women who say what's on their mind without reserve.

    Scorpio - Great INTENSE friends. If I didn't feel like prey being singled out by a predator, I might be open to more.

    Sagittarius - I'm game, but I have a feeling I'd never be able to keep up. Plus I'm a little leary. Has anyone else noticed that they're frenzied states seem to be followed by a seriously foul mood/rut hidden away at home?

    Capricorn - The women I've met strike me as very traditional and conservative (except in getting ahead in the work world). The men seem a little mellower, but crushes always turn into cozy friendships for me.

    Aquarius - Like taking off on a space adventure with the best friend as lover ever. But then I eventually want to stop floating in space and get back to earth. Something about that electric spark of mad genius keeps bringing me back for more. 6 of my family members, a couple of exes and a good portion of my more casual friends are Aquariuses.

    Pisces - Unless some of thier other major planets are in Aries, I react to this sign like two magnets being pushed together the wrong way.
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      Wed, March 8, 2006 - 7:47 PM
      Aries - Intially, indeniable attraction to their fiery, passionate side but like a paper fire, BIG blaze, not long-lived. Their tendancy to be showy and nice soon faded and turned arrogant & self-centered.

      Taurus - Lots of friendships here and definitely attracted to the traits.

      Gemini -Very attracted, communication and compatiblies abound. Alas, the mutual crush eventually ended, with him going off into the sunset to chase his numerous endevors with his muti-faceted talents.

      Cancer - very compatible--same attitudes about critical issues or understanding and respectful of the differences. a little leary of clinginess/needy variety of this hard shelled, soft centered crustacean.

      Leo - drawn towards this sunny sign. the ones with out or at least not overtly showing vanity/egotistical trait, i would gladly adore as befitting this royal sign.

      Virgo - yes, compatible but tend to see my negative qualities magnified.

      Libra - not so much. find them a bit flakey & distracted.

      Scorpio - yes! every chance i get. Sexy, intense, in-TUNED. when you share their world, it can take your breath away.

      Sagittarius - have some dear friends of this sign but most experience shows them to be too aloof to be sensitive to my overly sensitive side.

      Capricorn - yes, LOTS of friends and attracted to the men. i'd like to check this one out more closely.

      Aquarius - both men & women, a little too ditzy and ironically, all 4 have been manic depressives.

      Pisces - lots of friendships, love my girlfriends, not yet lucky enough to develop any guy friends of this sign but for the most part, yes on attraction and compatibility conversation-wise.
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      "Virgo - Oh my god, I like other Virgos! Even Virgos I'm not attracted to can get me all weak in the knees with a hug goodbye or one of those naughty looks across the room. Of the Virgos I've met that are comfortable with their sexuality, there seem to be two types: open, direct and oozing a self contained sensuality that makes you pay attention or unassuming and oh-so innocent seeming until you find out they run a porn company, set up a legal support network for fellow sex workers, or just got back from a weekend trip in which the orgy went down in their hotel room. Yeah."

      LOL!!!! same experience here... i find other virgos (that i came in contact with) are very sexual, but it's only when you peeled the layers, will you realise...but can't stand the mood swings and very quick to judge...get past that, and it's great.
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    Fri, January 18, 2008 - 7:59 AM
    Just came across this thread. Fun!

    Let's keep it going. :) I'm in compilation mode and will check back in.
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      Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

      Mon, January 21, 2008 - 5:49 PM
      I must say, this has been one interesting thread for me to read!
      I'm a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, and pisces Asc.

      I once read something that actually made sense. I read that certain signs havethis "unexplainable" attraction to certain signs, and I've found this to be interesting! Here's what I read:

      Sign attracted to


      Anyways, Here:s my take:

      Aries: Fun to date. I had a lot of fun driving around in their porshe and talking of holiday adventures while touring local bars... not a permanent endeavor for me though... It feels skin deep. Although I must say, I LOVE guys with Venus in Aries, I'm a venus in Leo, and hot damn, the sex is awesome!!!

      Taurus: You know what's strange? Maybe it's just me, but with Taurus' I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I freaking love them. Just the right amount of security and good conversation I need. BUT, I feel like it's all down time with them. I seem to get bored with playing video games in the basement and eating pretzels all day, and going on long walks that lead nowhere. Lol. Maybe it's my Scorpio moon talking, but they don't satisfy my urge for intensity. I still love 'em though.

      Gemini: I have loads and loads of friends that have Gemini in them- and loads and loads of Gemini admirers. But even so, I still can't bring myself to date one. I can't seem to put a cross hair on one for more than a minute. Needless to say, I don't think I'd be happy dating one. But I love out conversations.

      Cancer: I have many Cancer friends. They make hard-core buddies till the end. I have been best friends with one for over 18 years now! In many ways though, they are just like Taurus. So, I may get bored. I've never dated one though. Wait! I did date one....and it was weird.

      Leo: You see, I admire Leo, but I know if I was to date one, hell, I would get hurt. Leo friends are awesome though! It's like partying with superstars. I have a few Leo buddies, and they are great to chill with. There is something so fiery about their spirit! And it rubs off on me because of my Pisces Asc chameleon ability!

      Virgo: Too prissy for me. I know, I know, I'm a Virgo. But I just can't seem to shake another one up! I have SOME Virgo friends, and they are so quiet, but comforting to me. And I hate when they criticize me. And I bet that they hate when I do it back to them. Lol. I dated one once, and I wanted to murder him by the end of it! So needless to say, it's not going to work for me. As Friends though, yes, because they give great advice.

      Libra: I have many, many Libra Friends. They throw great parties! Always enough drama to satisfy some gossip- or a fight! Lol. And they are always into something interesting, even if it may be 100% pretentious. Lol. Dating one might harbor too much drama for me though. I like a steady course of action when I'm dating, no drama. But as friends, they can always cheer me up.

      Scorpio: I would love to date a scorpio. But I'm afraid they'd like to play a fair bit of games in trying to keep the mysterious fa cade. Some of them are just plain too creepy to date, lol. No offense. I have Scorpio moon, so I can understand most of their tactics. I have SOME scorpio friends, and they are awesome. I work with two Scorpios, and we have so much fun being jackasses.

      Sagittarius: Fun, fun, fun! As friends. They make such awesome friends. They are so open, and cheerful and have enough energy to drag me along with them, lol. Never dated one thought. They seem to like me.

      Capricorn: Strangely enough, I don't bump into these guys. I can never find them! I had one as a friend once, lotsa fun talking, and making jokes. But I could never get the seriousness part. I just don't exude authority. Hahah, ahhh, I still haven't really met any!

      Aquarius: Killer friends. I have many, and they make me laugh. I love listening to their stories. Maybe because I'm always looking for weirdos to hang out with, or maybe because my Jupiter is in Aquarius, I am always bumping into them. I work with one, and I have a blast talking to them. They can be childlike at times, and maybe even ANNOYING, hahaha, but I get over it fast because they always end up making me laugh.

      Pisces: I'VE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST...dear god! What can I say? I'd say that about 70% of my friends are Pisces, and every single guy I've dated in the past 5 years have been Pisces. What a crazy, emotional, wonderful, frustrating experience. SEX IS AWESOME. They really are freaks in bed. The ones I've dated have been extraordinarily fiery. With Venus in Aries, and Aries and Sagg moons. I dated one for 3 years (aries moon) and the other for 2 years (Sagg moon) loads of fun with them both. BUT, one had a drinking problem, and the other was a violent (not to me) temperate type A personality. let's just say I'm going to try everything to not fall for a pisces guy again. I can't take it anymore!!!!

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        Tue, March 18, 2008 - 5:39 PM
        Taurus: I was married to one for 10 years... stable is what some call it stagnat would be a better descriptor. I have many many many taurus friends and I adore them there grounding and yes stable but in a relationship I always felt Like I was rowing alone. The sex was mediocer, there was very little passion but lots of need. It definatly makes for a home body virgo.

        Virgo: wowsa intense deep can't be away from each other... wich would be great if both Virgos are healthy. Mix that with an unhealthy virgo or one that has major issues you get a downward spiral. The sex was amazing, the conversations could go all night and for days and days on end.

        Gemini: yum... intense attraction amazing cerebral sex. Something about sex with a gemini is great because its not just physical its mental and decadent. I could probably pull off a long term with one if the cards were right.

        Cancer: intense but too smothering feeling for me I tend to find my self bolting every time I start something with a cancer

        Scorpio: much the same I love scorps but in the end there intesity feels controlling

        Libra: Ahhhh I fall for them hard and fast and fall out of them just as hard and fast. There so non commital, wish washy... sweet as hell gentel kind passionate romatic... but only to a point.

        Picses: :-) I have been with one going on 3 years and dated several prior to him.... amazing sex, very very spirtualistic almost too ungrouded at times but sorta consistent. There willing to have fun and play along wich is paramount in my world. Down sides... hellloooo are you listening??? seems to be my moto
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    Fri, April 11, 2008 - 5:16 PM

    I'll give a run down.

    Pisces - Love em but with my moon, it does not work. Too whiny for me. Too much of addiction/wallowing comes up for me to "fix" or accept.

    Aries - Oddly drawn - it's the energy thing.

    Gemini - don't get me started. Drawn like a servant to the master. I like to know *what* I'm getting and I never seem to get that from vibe from geminis. I do enjoy them. Energy thing.

    Scorpio - Depends what type - there are three...I love scorp's as friends, loved ones and soul mates. Not so much as a partner. The sting can be a bit much....just as any other sign.

    Aquarius- I find I pick them apart before they figure out what I'm doing as a partner. As a friend, coworker etc, they are awesome people. Bit nit picky but we ARE in the virgo tribe here lol!

    Taurus - Rocked my world. At least the only one I've been in a relationship with. Complimentary faults and strengths...Definetley not boring (whew) Our charts are literally almost polar opposites but our compatibility charts truly made me have goosebumps for telling me what I already knew.

    Libra - no way for most but depending on the whole chart, they are really cool compatible people in many ways. I've yet to meet a balanced one oddly enough.

    Leo - Nope. Have a leo rising. One of us has to take a turn for center stage right??
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    Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

    Mon, May 26, 2008 - 6:14 AM
    to me damn I tell you capricorns are my favorite people to hang out with and also in relationships, they are as weird as virgo and chill, only thing is that there kinda bossy if you have a relationship with one. Aside from that the both will always be practical and always keep a coolness with eachother, not to lovy lovy and not to cold either.
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      Wed, May 28, 2008 - 8:16 AM
      Capricorn is fine and very compatible with Virgo.
      I find Scorpio stings, then it can linger once the sting is not sweet, and Sagittarius for me, always can be a good friend. (and Sag has an interesting dynamic with Scorpio)
      Pisces clashes but is an enriching relationship with Virgo, the only problems seem to me, to be Leo and Libra, which are not per se, problems, but misunderstandings from being so related, but different.
      Aquarius is the sign where there is always misunderstandings with me, and that relationship is never too hot or too cool.
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    Wed, June 4, 2008 - 9:29 PM
    I always do well with fire signs as friends only lol. I usually date water and other earth signs. I am currently seeing another earth sign, it's good so far. I like the way we can talk about absolutely nothing and still be excited.
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    Thu, June 19, 2008 - 7:46 PM
    The more I've been looking int Astrological compatibility, the more I see how "boxing" seems to work fairly well for me in the long run. I've tried to make things work despite the odds, but in the end the signs win out and I either have a great time or end things right before a bad sign match goes too far south.

    Leo- My stepfather is a Leo and I can't stand him. My ex of four years is a Leo and while our relationship had its great points, the low points were enough to make me leave. The sex became mediocre to non-existent as he was not up for anything that involved territory HE had not personally explored. Couldn't deal with the constant ego stroking and self-martyrdom either. Every story, incident, and situation had to revolve around how great/cool/loved he was; while I was fair game to be picked apart (he must have had some Aquarius in there somewhere)

    Sagittarius- One night stand with a Sag and to this day I can tell he still wants something from me that I am not willing to give. Way to "flighty" and prone to saying "truths" that aren't truths at all. Can't stand me usurping his "authority", doesn't help that he's my boss and after our fling he expected me to be his swooning fall girl ever after. Played a lot of unnecessary games considering I didn't want to be his girlfriend. The conversation is always awesome however, they just can't stand it when you don't fall in love with them after one lay. I can't imagine why they'd want you too considering they want to run off the next hour anyway.

    Libra- Loads of Libra friends and they're great fun, dated one Libra and that got obnoxious after about 3 weeks. Talked massive sh*t about every other girl he had dated, which gave me huge red flags. Couldn't deal with the constant indecisiveness and lack of respect for my time and the fact that I need to have certain things scheduled or they just won't happen. Sex was awesome though and the conversation was funny if not sometimes a bit boring since for some reason he didn't necessarily consider me a prize for my intellect. He honestly believed he was the smartest man in the world- I'd just smile and nod and try to get him naked as quickly as possible. Extremely shallow, but I think Libra men can be attracted to Virgo women because we tend to be very meticulous about our looks and naturally beautiful...too bad many of us don't like pedestals based on banal physicality.

    Pisces- Maybe it was just me, but all Pisces men I've met have become chatty Cathy's the moment we are introduced. Seriously cannot get them to shut up and two of them were expert ish talkers. I think it's a defense mechanism for the raging emotional mess they were on the inside. Instant attraction though. Loads of fun, but I don't like guys who can't voice what they want or expect me to play guessing games instead of coming right out with it- I do that enough on my own.

    Scorpio- Currently dating my first Scorp (with Cap Asc while I'm Scorp Asc) and it's probably the best sex I've ever had in my life which is saying something considering I've had a lot of sex. Very dominant, but I like being manhandled. A bit of an emotional mess, prone to bipolar episodes and rudeness(hello pot...this is kettle)- but he'll apologize in a heartbeat if he sees it hurts me or causes me pain in anyway. Our conversation are always long and amazing (he's military so the phone is often all we have), his eyes seem to bore into me and can sometimes make me very uncomfortable. Love how blunt he is about everything and can make me laugh. Did I mention the sex is frickin amazing? His intuition when it comes to me is freakishly accurate and even though he knows that I 'm not necessarily seeking a relationship right now; he's so stubborn about it that he pretends like I never said anything of the sort.
  • Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

    Thu, January 15, 2009 - 6:36 PM
    Your opinion on Scorpios & Taurus are so accurate in comparison to my experiences. I had an amazing shortlived romance with a scorpio and he'll forever be one of my favorites. The longest relationship I've ever had was with a Pisces, but its been 4 years since we've dated and he has this obsessive nature. Is that all pisces? But for current, I've been with a Taurus for a year now. He's very kind but very simple minded. I love him very much and he's very quirky, but not very exciting. I'm ok with that right now and I'm hoping he'll get more comfortable as time goes on.
    • Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

      Sun, October 18, 2009 - 10:31 AM
      Wow, lots of Pisces Sun bashing! Where is the love Virgos? Who sees right through all the neurosis and pre-occupation of Virgo Sun, and teaches you how to see things from 1000 feet up sometimes? Seems to me that Virgo Sun can have a pretty serious emotional mess on the inside from not being able to let go of being too uptight at times?

      Loosen up! :P

      • Unsu...

        Re: What sign is most compatible with Virgo?

        Sun, October 18, 2009 - 12:57 PM
        I like pisces suns but can't say I've fallen over my self over them, nor disliked them. Leos draw me like magnets and I can hate/love scorpios. It seems for me that those strongly pisces, cancer, virgo, capricorn, and in some cases libra, I feel a strong friendliness/ comfortableness with. Gemini's and sagitaurians I can only deal with in small doses, while aries and aquarius I feel way too distant with. Taurus is another like scorpio, ethier love or hate. But personally it seems to depend on how strong that sign is in them, and that alone can overide alot. I noticed that perhaps my moon or ascendant has a greater say in how comfortable I feel with someone, and vice/versa.

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