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Vesta defines where and how you see your mission and truth in your life and world. It is where you are the Guardian of the Sacred Flame and where you rely on your inner sense of the Goddess and self reliance. It is connected with sexuality and healing and inspires your willingness to focus on your own spiritual and inner causes. Vesta is dedication, focus and spiritual commitments.

It helps you understand where you are likely to give sacrificially for a spiritual goal. The things and qualities that you protect and dedicate yourself to will be the very things that you sacrifice to discover your own spiritual truth and calling. Some associate Vespa with Virgo.

Vesta in Aries people work with a high degree of self-involvement. Motivation arises within the self, and these individuals perform best working by themselves or from their own ideas. There exist strong independence needs of not being possessed or dominated by another. Alienation occurs if one becomes excessively self-centered in the vortex of one's own activities, so that there is no space left for the participation of others. Remaining one's own person and retaining individual identity is an important sexual need. However, this individualism can prevent being able to maintain ongoing relationships. This placement can be a key to marked personal accomplishments.

Vesta in Taurus individuals best focus their work energy by becomign firmly anchored and grounded in a stable space. Their performance can then be persistent and 'steady as a rock' as they produce the necessary tangible results of their efforts. Alienation can occur through becoming excessively fixed or inflexible in their process. Sexuality is based on the organic release of natural instincts. If sexual gratification is frustrated, the accumulated tension can cause physical stress and supersede sensitivity to the partner's desires. A pragmatic, yet accepting, approach to sensuality and comfort yields great dividends.

Vesta in Gemini individuals focus their work ability through words and conveying information. Skills are best utilized through networking and co-ordinating. Alienation can occur through getting so caught up in the words that the conveyance of meaning is lost, or through excessive intellectualism. Communication and mental interchange are important components for sexually fulfilled relationships. However these individuals are vulnerable to using words and rationalizations to create an emotional distance from others. The mind can be a professional asset but must not be allowed to dominate the emotional experiences.

Vesta in Cancer people require the feeling of being needed in order to activate commitment. Sympathetic extension to their family or dependent individuals enables them to tap into the reservoir of work energy. Because of emotional hypersensitivity, alienation can occur through withdrawal in order to gain protection from the real or imagined harshness of others. Sexual fulfillment comes from the feeling of being loved and cherished. However, exessive emotional neediness can produce insecurity and paranoia which then can drain the relationship. A practical approach to empathy can lead to emotional stability.

Vesta in Leo individuals work best when allowed a creative free rein in their efforts. The capacity to have pride in one's work focuses the lens of aesethetic output. Because of the quality of brilliant shining that exudes from this person, alienation can occur through 'burning out' those in close proximity. Alienation can also occur through excessive pride or arrogance. Romanticism and admiration inspire sexual response. However, sexuality here can also be inhibited if the repreductive energy is diverted / sublimated solely to one's personal creative effort.

Vesta in Virgo placements emphasize the work focus. The drive to be perfect fuels the need to concentrate and to perform. Tendencies toward being a workaholic and toward an overly-critical attitude can alienate one from relating to others. Sex can be seen as a service to comfort the partner or as a duty. Because of the high degree of sexual discrimination, these individuals can inhibit their natural response through obsessing on the imperfections of others. Much productive accomplishment and efficiency is possible witht his placement.

Vesta in Libra individuals prefer to work with others rather than alone. These individuals like to bring other people into their work and gain from their input. Yet, because of the Libran need to compare oneself to others, extreme competitiveness can result in the work situation. The need to be recognized as an equal and to exchange a reciprocal give-and-take is an important factor in sexual response. However, due to the need to be accepted and admired, individuals here are prone to giving up their own needs and desires. Achieving a sensible balance between personal preferences and those of others is vital.

Vesta in Scorpio expresses itself in an intense and penetrating manner. People with this placement seek depth and thoroughness in all of their commitments. Sexuality is regared as a peak experience to be had regardless of the existing social taboos. On the other hand, these individuals may experience feelings of guilt, sin, and shame in sexual affairs, which cause them to become sexually inhibited or repressed. Tremendous concentration and dedication are available.

Vesta in Sagittarius individuals focus best when they are working for something they can believe in. An ideal or cause is the motivation which can generate their work energy. Alienation can occur if they become totally consumed with spreading or elaborating their own vision untilt here is no consideration for the beliefs of others. A sense of high adventure and truth-seeking stimulates sexual receptivity, yet lack of honesty and loyalty can undermine the foundation of trust in relationships. These individuals can also sublimate the sexual drive into their causes. An integrated blending reveals practical idealists and mystics who affect the material world.

Vesta in Capricorn individuals work best in a structured and disciplined fashion. The work effort is often motivated by personal ambition and the drive to succeed. The ability to formulate and execute plans lead to success in administrative work. Yet Vesta in Capricorn's strict adherence to rules and regultions can denote excessive rigidity in the individual. The presence of commitment and honor in the relationship is often necessary for sexual fulfillment. These individuals may fear sexual intimacy and emotional involvement if they associate it with criticism, judgement, or loss of power or control. Discipline is marked; and great attainments can be reached. These people expect success through 'paying their dues' (obliging the system).

Vesta in Aquarius individuals work best through humanitarian, social, or political motivations. The ideal of freedom for oneself and others is paramount. Because of Aquarius's strong detachment from the person, alienation can occur through insufficient focus on the needs of loved ones. Rebellion against authority figures is often present. Sexual response is activated through the unusual; and one can engage in sexuality with friends on a nonpossessive and noncommittal basis.

Vesta in Pisces souls can best focus their work energy by serving others. Because of the diffuse, scattered nature of Pisces, Vesta here can point to difficulty in finding a focus or maintaining a commitment. This person can play the role of a martyr and attempt to make others feel guilty and responsible for his or her suffering. One can serve to heal others through sexual interaction, or sublimate sexuality into spiritual realization. This person may feel that his or her sexuality belongs to whoever has need of it, and that no one person has sole rights to it. Integration includes a blending of dreams and reality, the poetic and the practical.
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    Vesta in the first house shows dedication to experiencing a primary relationship with oneself. Because of this intense focus on finding one's own identity or commitment to one's own goals, this person may tend to exclude long-term relationships from his or her life. SIngle-minded focus and perseverance can lead to great achievements.

    Vesta in the second house represents dedication to gneerating resources to provide for and support oneself and / or loved ones. One may experience limitations in omney, comfort, and sensuality so that pressure will be brought to learn the skill of manifesting.

    Vesta in the third house signifies a dedication to one's mind - furthering personal understanding and disseminating information to others. One may experience limitations in communication as one is pressured to focus on clarifying one's ideas. Also this person may experience a sense of inferiority about his or her intellect and ability to communicate if the critical faculties are self-directed. Working with the mind is common with this placement.

    Vesta in the fourth house denotes dedication to one's family and home. THere is often a pattern of added responsibility and work in one's home when young that continues into duty and obligation to one's family later on. This person may experience deprivations or curtailment of personal freedom because of family obligations. An efficient approach to domestic needs is suggested.

    Vesta in the fifth house suggests a dedication to one's personal creative expressions - children or artistic forms. Alienation from children, romance, and pleasure, or creative blockage, can often result. Sexual inhibition occurs through excessive sublimation of sexual energy into fifth-house affairs; or a painstaking focus on flaws may sabotage spontaneity. This placement can denote a creative profession and / or one which brings attention and limelight.

    Vesta in the sixth house reveals a dedication to work and efficient functioning. Because of Vesta's association with the sign Virgo, her significance is very marked in this house. Limitations in health will often lead one to focus on self-healing andproper care of the body through nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking. A drive for perfection, if not overdone, can lead to doing things very well.

    Vesta in the seventh house points to a dedication to working on one's relationships. Yet, because Vesta strives for self-sufficiency and independence, conflict may arise when seventh-house compromise and co-operative efforts are required. Often this person will become overly focused upon or obsessed with his or her primary relationship.

    Vesta in the eighth house individuals have a dedication to the psychic / occult fields or to depth interactions with others. It may also be difficult for them to find someone to meet their sexual intensity, and so they may experience limitations here. COmplications with others over shared resources - money and sexuality - put pressure on one to learn the skill of letting go of personal desire and on learning how to share possessions.

    Vesta in the ninth house symbolizes a dedication to seeking the turth and conveying wisdom. An overly extreme focus on one's belief system, however, may result in political or religious fanaticism. Limitations may arise that challenge a wide scope of vision. Ideal images can be given form in the material world.

    Vesta in the tenth house indicates a dedication to one's career or position in society. When close to the MC it can indicate a spiritual desinty. One may experience limitations in finding a fulfilling vocational path, if the critical faculties are overly developed. Tremendous discipline, thoroughness, and willingness to work hard are potential talents.

    Vesta in the eleventh house conntes a dedication to group interactions. Working with collectives (land, business, political living) fulfills the need to participate in larger wholes. One may experience limitations in friendships or groups in order that one may learn the importance of others in one's life. There exists the need to define and focus one's hopes and aspirations so that oen can dedicate oneself an an ideal.

    Vesta in the twelfth house implies a dedication to selfless service and to the pursuit of spiritual values. There exist strong unconscious needs for isolation and retreat, as well as for a focus of deep faith. Persecution for one's religious beliefs in a past life, anxieties concerning public exposure or making mistakes, may produce a fear of exploring one's spiritual nature. In addition, there may exist deep, unconscious, sexual fears and inhibitions which can be overcome by balancing faith and fear, yearning for the infinite with a practical assessment of the physical world and its limitations.
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      wow, vesta, i do my chart on, where could i find a chart drawing that includes vesta? that's never come up before.....
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        I also plead
        how do you figure this one out?
        Wendy, dont you usually use

        as always thanks for NFO.
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      02/23 do we tell where our Vestas are parked?
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        Eeek! Sorry!

        You can find your asteroids using Astrodienst. On your free chart page go to the extended chart selection option.

        On the pulldown menu under 'Please Select a Chart Style' choose the Astrodienst w. Asteroids. Then click on the 'Click Here To Show the Chart' button.
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          (12)Ceres : Taurus
          (11)Pallas : Pisces
          (1)Juno : Taurus
          (6)Vesta : Libra
          Chiron : Aries
          (11)Pholus : Aquarius
          Lilith : Virgo
          (8)Eros : Capricorn

          Now my Vesta in Libra doesn't sound too much like me, but the Vesta in the 6th house most definitely is me.

          the rest:
          Virgo - sun
          Taurus - rising
          Aries - moon
          Pisces - n. node

          stir and mix
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      Alright so I have Vesta in my 7th house and it resides in Gemini and I would have to agree on the general statements.
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      Re: Vesta


      As far as house, mine is right on the border of 7 & 8 [barely inside 7th].
      7 really doesnt seem to 'fit', but 8 does. Thoughts?
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    Re: Vesta

    I THINK mine is Leo, in the first house, but I had a hard time reading the chart. Is there a way to get a text version alongside so I can be sure?
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      There should be a list of planets and asteroids to the left and below your chart that indicates houses and signs. I looked in your photos to see if you had posted your chart there. If you can't find the list, let me know.
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        Re: Vesta

        Ahh yes I found it, but it's kinda small to read. That's a good idea to post my chart in my photos, I think I'll do that thanx!

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