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Eros represents our awareness of our mortality. Because we know we are going to die, we continually recreate feelings (confirmation, if you will) of our own vitality. We can so do in a Leonine way—for example, through romance, bearing children, and creativity. Eros love is very self-centered. Eros is, indeed, turned on by the idea that they are arousing someone else, but this kind of "feedback" is very much used to feed our own need to feel alive and vital.

Eros functions most wholly through the magical encounters of sudden and often compulsive erotic intimacy, creative design and poetic expression. These experiences open us to the world of passion, desire and intense relating that brings a sense of life that no other occurrence can match. Suddenly, events become more meaningful, colors enrich, archetypal figures emerge and dreams turn into waking reality. Our link with the divine, with the desire to live completely and fully without apprehension or constraint, animates with a voraciousness paralleled only by other extreme events such as birth, or even death. Such is the nature of erotic love.

By including Eros in the natal, we can hope to learn more about our innate erotic nature. To ignore this god, even unwittingly, is to ignore a piece of our own heart.

To Find Your Eros:

OR: in the Extended Chart Selection page of, enter 433 in the box to the left of "add any of 99906 asteroids", then click on the "Click Here to show the chart" button.

Eros in the Signs

The asteroids or ‘minor planets’ are by no means minor in their power of expression.

Eros, like any planet in the astrological chart, represents a basic human need or drive. He moves us with a passion and intensity colored by the nature of the zodiac, and describes our approach to erotic love and creativity.

Eros in Aries wants action, competition and victory! The more impossible the relationship, the more ardent he becomes. Risky creative projects bring out the fervor in him and passion awakens during challenge and adventure. He hates feeling trapped, dominated or smothered.

Eros in Taurus seeks the indulgences of sensuality, be they in the dinning room, on the artist’s canvas or in a king size bed. He finds joy in tangible pursuits that revolve around making the body, or the bank account, feel good. He longs for transformation yet paradoxically dislikes change and upheaval.

Eros in Gemini thrives on the communication of ideas and the intellectual stimulation found in sharing observations, data and little understood facts. Tricky, curious and zany, this Eros flits from peeks to valleys—from head to heart to soul. In art or relationship, he can use triangles to avoid claustrophobia.

Eros in Cancer experiences a certain measure of affinity and ease with erotic transformation. Here the boundaries dissolve into a place of intimate rapport where emotions, fears and pains merge and mingle into one, in the studio or in the bedroom. There can be reluctance in the inevitable letting go.

Eros in Leo has a desire to feel extraordinary in an erotic union or project. The second of the fire signs, Eros here requires energy and returns it in playful abundance. He dazzles in the spotlight of admiration and gives priority to the creative, artistic side of life. Enter the drama and the theatrics!

Eros in Virgo has the propensity to analyze passion extensively before giving into them. There is an earthy, sensual quality to love and creativity, once the critical eye is closed. They relish the moment but do care what any bystanders might think. This makes the taboo uncomfortable and often inevitable.

Eros in Libra wants, above all, to participate with a significant other in many splendid activities. Eros here longs for beauty and refinement, yet grapples with intensity and closeness. Life needs to unfold pleasantly, but watch out for the Devil’s advocate if things get out of balance.

Eros in Scorpio has desires that are potent, fixed and involve a great deal of focus. He is interested in a deeply personal form of union and creative expression. There are few qualms about ripping off the surface scab of social superficiality to expose the true nature of one’s soul beneath.

Eros in Sagittarius is spontaneous, exuberant, adventurous and fickle. He prefers a lively experience with the beloved, one that will take him to the limitless reaches of the universe. Being with this Eros means being ready to soar. Travel is his watchword and that does not always mean physical!

Eros in Capricorn has powerful concepts about what is good and what is good enough. There is a need for competence and capability and an earthy sensuality that only unleashes after great time or deliberation. He looks for worldly results, until the mystic arrives. Then, the journey really begins.

Eros in Aquarius carries a high voltage charge with stimulating encounters that need a lot of air space to conduct electromagnetic charms. He desires the weird, the wonderful and the unusual, in the beloved or through the creative process. Fixed on autonomy, he may find intimacy brings shattering transformation.

Eros in Pisces wants to lose all sense of where he ends and the beloved begins. He desires a return to paradise, a drink from the Holy Grail and union with the divine. He is willing to give up everything to melt and merge until he is no longer distinct but part of a greater whole.
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    Eros in the Houses

    Any planet or sign in a house always suggests the most natural way to unfold the life plan in the area of life the house represents.
    Eros by house pinpoints where, on an inner or outer level, erotic love may awaken. It also describes a place where Eros may arrive, unannounced, to create, challenge and transform us.

    Eros in the first House contributes towards the general approach to life. He may be part of the mask.

    Eros in the second house values erotic union as a resource. It’s like a second skin.

    When Eros resides in the third house, communication and familiar environments can hold a passionate experience of love and creative expression.

    When Eros is found in the fourth house, the erotic links closely together with experiences of home and family. It resides in the roots of the being.

    Eros in the fifth house can appear through self-expression—offspring, art work, performances, novels. There is a drive for distinction.

    Eros in the sixth may have some finely tuned proficiency when it comes to passion, art and erotic love! It can manifest in the day to day living.

    Eros in the seventh can turn socially significant relationships into erotic unions. The paradox between commitment and transformation abounds.

    Eros in the eighth house has an increased desire to experience the erotic on a risky, often taboo level. Throw out the rules and enter the depths!

    With Eros in the ninth house, discovery of new and previously incomprehensible concepts, peoples or vistas ignite feelings of passionate wonder and intrigue. There could be foreign affairs.

    Those with Eros in the tenth house want the world to know they are passionate, erotic, potent and charismatic. It may be part of the career.

    When Eros is found in the eleventh house, friendships, groups and goals take on creative and amorous qualities.

    A twelfth house Eros may awaken through injury, suffering or confinement. The case of the doctor and patient, or even bereaved brother and widow come to mind. Creative expression comes from the depths of the collective.
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    More Eros in the Signs Interpretations...

    Eros in Aries.
    These people instinctively and quickly become infatuated. Their sexual attractions are formed quickly and they get off on the sensations of the moment in an intense manner. These lovers may seem a little erratic to others, simply because their passions rise and fall so quickly. They are not as giving and emotional in their sexual expression, but they are passionate while it lasts. Eros in Aries people are attached to the sensations of the moment and may see their partner as an object, or an extension of themselves. They often prefer to do the pursuing in relationships and may be addicted to the conquest.

    Eros in Taurus.
    These are highly sensual lovers who may seek to own their partners. Sexual possessiveness is often an issue with these lovers, and, unlike Eros in Aries, competition is not a turn-on. These lovers can be somewhat primitive in their desires and not as attracted to too much sexual intricacy. Plenty of masturbation is likely, although these lovers tend to be most unhappy without a steady partner. Their sexual natures are rooted in the senses.

    Eros in Gemini.
    These lovers are sexually curious and interested. They like to be knowledgeable in sexual matters, and often are turned on by the written and spoken word. They may write letters to their lover, or enjoy writing and reading erotica. Because it is difficult for these lovers to turn their minds off during sex, there is a voyeur within the person during sexual expression, and it may be difficult for these lovers to simply "let go". Many Eros in Gemini individuals enjoy talking, and being talked to, during sex.

    Eros in Cancer.
    There is a need to infuse emotional care and nurture into the sex act. When the self-image is low, these lovers may use others as sexual objects, probably as a result of their fear of rejection. The breasts are a big turn-on, and many are orally fixated, and some may be attracted to a domination theme. When the self-image is stronger, intimacy and warmth are powerful stimulants. Eros in Cancer lovers seek to achieve psychic and emotional renewal through sex. The can be very intuitive bed partners. Sexual possessiveness is often an issue. Sometimes, these lovers want their partner to be relatively chaste, but they don't have the same standards for themselves. These lovers often fall in love with their sexual partners.

    Eros in Leo.
    Fantasies for Eros in Leo often revolve around their partner's desire for them. These lovers generally get off on what they believe their sex partner must be feeling about them. They can put a lot of time into autoerotic behavior, and are often given to much flirtation and many infatuations. Nevertheless, they can be more loyal than most. Eros in Leo lives for love and attraction. They are threatened when passion settles down in their relationships. They feel the need to keep passion alive, and when it settles in a relationship, they can be addicted to flirting with other people in order to feel alive and potent. Eros in Leo lovers have a big ego investment in their relationships.

    Eros in Virgo.
    Earthiness and intellectuality combine in Eros in Virgo. These lovers are sensual, especially when they are not thinking too much. Because of the tendency for Virgo to think and analyze, however, there can be a tendency to be one's own voyeur during sex. Vicarious enjoyment of sex is often highlighted with this placement. A meeting of minds is important to Eros in Virgo. These are somewhat moody lovers who may have distinct phases between promiscuity and celibacy. Virgo is very connected with--and aware of--the body and its functioning, and Eros in Virgo often seeks renewal through sex, with an attitude that sex is healthy and good for you. These are generally sensitive and tender lovers who do a lot to please their partners. Some awkwardness and shyness in terms of letting themselves go is often characteristic of this position. Virgo's symbol is the Virgin. This should not be taken literally, although when Virgo is connected to the sexual nature, there is a sense of purity and independence. These lovers can be promiscuous at times, and quite kinky, but emerge from their experiences with a sense of purity nevertheless.

    Eros in Libra.
    This is a rather flirtatious and charming position of Eros. Libra's tendency toward a "tit for tat" attitude shows up as a desire for equality on a sexual level, but in practice, Eros in Libra lovers often forget their own sexual needs because they are focusing on those of their partner. Communication is sexy to these lovers. These people can be hopelessly addicted to all of the "trappings" of falling in love, so much so that when a relationship settles, it may seem boring. Highly romantic and charming, Eros in Libra people enjoy the social "game" surrounding making connections with lovers, and they can be quite seductive.

    Eros in Scorpio.
    This is an especially erotic position of Eros. These lovers can be addicted to the thrill of getting to know a person inside and out, and to the power of love and sex. Intensity is important to these lovers. They don't just want their partner's body, they want a bit of their soul as well! This position suggests very little fear in the area of sexual intimacy, and these lovers will pretty much do anything and everything with a willing partner. They are passionate, and the more intense the relationship is, the better. Animal magnetism is high, probably because these people think about sex and intimacy a whole lot, and others may sense their intensity. They can easily get under your skin, tapping into others' desires.

    Eros in Sagittarius.
    These lovers have an enthusiastic and exuberant appeal. Sex is meant to be fun for Eros in Sagittarius, and some roughhousing and plenty of hearty laughs are turn-ons. Sexuality is sometimes viewed as if it were a sport by these people. They may surprise you with a very open and almost innocent attitude toward sex and intimacy. Sex is a bit of a game, and how this attitude is received will depend a lot on the audience! There can be a bit of an addiction to the chase, and avoidance of intimacy when it feels restricting in any way. Tenderness and romance are not the kinds of expressions that come as easily to these lovers. Laughter and fun are aphrodisiacs for this position of Eros. Sexual exploration and freedom are important, as well as a need for sexual honesty—sex without the frills and trappings that these lovers may find to be unnatural and even dishonest. Eros in Sagittarius can show up as passion for knowledge, hunger for new experiences, and a love of travel and exploring new lands and cultures.

    Eros in Capricorn.
    These natives are sensual and earthy in their sexual desires. The libido is strong, but controlled. Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a sign that likes to be in control—not necessarily in control of others, but in control of themselves. Many Eros in Capricorn people channel much of their desire nature into accomplishing something significant.

    Eros in Aquarius.
    These lovers are intrigued by the unusual, finding variety exciting. The detachment of Aquarius can mean finding sensuality in non-contact scenarios in addition to contact ones. Sexual creativity is one of the strengths of this position. Their open minds with regards to sex can stimulate creativity in their partner.

    Eros in Pisces.
    There is a chameleon in this position of Eros, as these lovers are very adaptable to their partner. This is not to say these lovers don't have sexual preferences or possess a strong identity. Instead, the Pisces compassion, and ability to understand and accept virtually every color of the rainbow shows through in a sexual/romantic way. They tend to be most comfortable and at ease when their partner is expressing him or herself confidently. This position also suggests a passion for Pisces-ruled subjects.
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      Tue, August 9, 2005 - 11:02 AM
      Eros is in Scorpio for me, and I can relate quite a bit to both of the descriptions posted. Actually, this is filling in some blanks I have felt regarding how my chart applies to my inner nature. Thanks.
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        Tue, August 9, 2005 - 1:07 PM
        Eros in Scorpio, as well ....

        my venus is in scorpio too ....

        hmmmmm .....
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          Tue, August 9, 2005 - 2:33 PM
          Wow, my eros is in Scorpio, too. Rich - I agree. I've found that the asteroids (Chiron, Vesta, Ceres, Juno, and Pallas, now Eros) fill in a lot of blanks in my chart.

          Reagan, Rich, what house is Eros in for you? It's in the 6th for me.
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            Tue, August 9, 2005 - 4:12 PM
   do I figure that one out?
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              Tue, August 9, 2005 - 4:22 PM
              Yay, I figured it out for myself. Eros is in my 4th house, which again makes sense for me.
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                Wed, August 10, 2005 - 9:23 AM
                07.09.1980 Eros 15 li 20 -7° 1' 2.166891463
                12.09.1980 Eros 19 li 12 -6°58' 2.197850680

                my birthday is sept. 9, 1980???

                how do i figure out which house??
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                  Mon, August 22, 2005 - 10:33 AM

                  If you know your time of birth and don't already have a chart, then you can get a free one at based on the instructions I wrote above. That will tell you which house.
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      Wed, August 10, 2005 - 12:17 PM
      Mine's eros in leo and in close conjunction to my 10th house.very descriptive,errie.
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        Wed, August 10, 2005 - 6:19 PM
        Eros in Libra.
        "This is a rather flirtatious Libra's tendency toward a "tit for tat" attitude shows up as a desire for equality on a sexual level, but in practice, Eros in Libra lovers often forget their own sexual needs because they are focusing on those of their partner. Communication is sexy to these lovers. These people can be hopelessly addicted to all of the "trappings" of falling in love, so much so that when a relationship settles, it may seem boring. Highly romantic and charming, Eros in Libra people enjoy the social "game" surrounding making connections with lovers, and they can be quite seductive. "

        SO me!
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      Thu, August 11, 2005 - 11:29 PM
      Eros in Aquarius in the 9th house. Mmmhmm. Mmmhmm. Mmmhmm.

      Astrology never fails to make my toes tingle with it's accuracy.

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